Friday, July 29, 2011

Ruco Chan Said He Broke Up With Eunis Yiu

Ruco Chan (陳展鵬)experienced greater popularity recently due to his performance in The Other Truth <真相>. Despite Ruco’s insistence that he was currently single, there were conflicting rumors that he was in fact co-habiting with former Miss ATV, Eunis Yiu (姚佳雯).
In a telephone interview, Ruco openly admitted that he had indeed dated Eunis in the past. However, their relationship ended and now the pair were still good friends, remaining in contact from time to time. Regarding allegations that he deliberately concealed the relationship to protect his career, Ruco said, “I did not intentionally conceal the matter. When I was dating in the past, it was not a secret. A lot of people knew about the relationship.”


The President Mahinda Rajapaksa, had revealed at a cabinet meeting that most Tele-dramas which are telecast in various channels depict wrong impressions in the minds of school going children. As a resort to keep away many viewers as possible watching Tele-dramas it has been suggested to telecast them after This was revealed by the Media Minister Keheliya Rambukwella at Thursday’s cabinet decision meeting.
In this regard the Minister has made inquiries from various TV channels. He was of the view that even if the Authorities of TV channel do agree, there is a lot of doubt about a positive response from the sponsors/advertisers to this suggestion. Hence the proposal of the President would have to be further discussed.
It was heard over the media that the President had expressed his concern over the word ‘thamuse’ said over a number of times when he had accidentally happened to watch a Tele-drama and had deeply conveyed his concern and unpleasantness over the language used.

Libyan rebel commander Abdel Fattah Younes killed

The military commander of the Libyan rebels fighting to topple Col Muammar Gaddafi has been killed, the rebel National Transitional Council says.
NTC head Mustafa Abdul-Jalil said Gen Abdel Fattah Younes was killed by assailants, and the head of the group responsible had been arrested.
He said Gen Younes was summoned for questioning about military operations, but never made it to the meeting.
Reports said Gen Younes was suspected of ties to pro-Gaddafi forces.
"With all sadness, I inform you of the passing of Abdel Fattah Younes, the commander-in-chief of our rebel forces," Mr Jalil announced late on Thursday. "The person who carried out the assassination was captured."

Mr Jalil did not elaborate on the identity or motivations of the assailants. It is not clear where the attack took place.
Correspondents say Mr Younes was not trusted by all the rebels because of his previous role in cracking down on dissidents.
Two aides to Gen Younes, Col Muhammad Khamis and Nasir al-Madhkur, were also killed in the attack, Mr Jalil said, adding that there would be three days of mourning in their honour.
Gen Younes is a former Libyan interior minister who defected to the rebel side in February.
He was also part of the group that helped bring Col Gaddafi to power in 1969.
Some unconfirmed reports said Gen Younes and two aides had been arrested earlier on Thursday near Libya's eastern front.
Shortly after the announcement of Gen Younes' death, gunmen entered the grounds of the hotel in the eastern city of Benghazi where Mr Jalil was speaking, reportedly firing into the air before being convinced to leave.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 2

They're all coming back.
Following months of casting rumors regarding The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Will Camille Grammer leave due to her ongoing custody battle? Will Kim Richards' drinking cause her to take a step back? - Bravo has confirmed that all six cast members have signed on for season two, as evidenced by this new promotional photo:

Moreover, the show is introducing two new spoiled stars, both billed as friends of the cast: welcome, Brandi Glanville and Dana Wilkey!
Both appear in the following season two promo, which also highlights the main storylines coming our way in September: Taylor Armstrong's divorce, Camille's battle with Kelsey Grammer, Kim and Kyle working on their relationship... and many other developments that are in no way, shape or form scripted.

Katy Perry at the premiere of The Smurfs on Sunday

Here’s Katy Perry at the premiere of The Smurfs on Sunday where she made sure everyone knows who she plays by wearing a tiny Smurfette dress that barely contained her heaving Smurf melons. (Saying Smurf berries would’ve been an insult, and I’m a gentleman first, boob ogler firstester.) On top of that, she managed to flash the entire crowd on the street her ass because if there are two things children’s movies need, it’s upskirts and giant tits. I’ve petitioned Disney for years, but apparently they’re too busy keeping Walt in perfect cryogenic sleep so he doesn’t start another Holocaust. He’s gonna get out eventually, folks.
Anyway, on a related note – boobs, not genocide – Russell Brand wrote a blog post aboutAmy Winehouse’s death and his own battle with addiction which is easy for him to talk about considering he has Katy Perry’s breasts to bat around for motivation. Unfortunately, the only thing comparable for Amy Winehouse would’ve been a crack rock the size of a tangerine. And if that doesn’t make sense, try imagining Michael Caine in The Dark Knightsaying it: “One day, my partnah and I saw a choild playin’ with a crack rawk the soize of a tan-jah-reen. Wond-ah-ful jazz singer, she was, but the absa-lute face of a wombat. Picked our bloody pockets, she did.”

Justin Bieber and His Dad Got Matching Jesus Tattoos

“If wine squirts out, I’m so sorry!”
I’m not exactly sure when it happened, but at some point stereotypically white Christian guys decided to start getting tattoos despite Leviticus 19:28 explicitly saying, “Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord.” But in their defense, the parts of The Bible you don’t like don’t count because sometimes the infallible, omnipotent space being you worship doesn’t know what the fuck He’s talking about. So they rationalized their actions by claiming it’s to show how spiritual they are when, lets be frank, it’s really to compensate for the fact that there’s nothing more square than a white Christian conservative. Coincidentally, this is also around the time tattoos stopped being badass – unless you’re a Hell’s Angel or combat vet – and became the distinct marking of douchebags. (Still hot on chicks, for the record.) So, naturally, just posted NAMBLA-erotic pics of Justin Bieber and his dad getting matching tattoos of “Jesus” written in Hebrew right before he jetted off to Hawaii with Selena Gomez. And as much smack as I just talked back there, Holy shit, did it work.And how. I already tattooed “Balls Goliath” in Aramaic under my armpit then showed it to people at the mall to get the word out.
And now, The Waiting Game…

Monday, July 25, 2011

Of Course We’re Going To Pretend Amy Winehouse Didn’t Die From Drugs

For some reason, when celebrities die, the media likes to try and whitewash their death, most likely because their fans won’t hear a word about their beloved idol actually being a crazed drug addict even though they looked Amy Winehouse above almost every single time they’re photographed. Case in point: I actually caught shit from people for the pics I used on the post about her death. Because apparently I should’ve found shots of her looking sober using my time machine to travel back to the day she was born which lets not pretend wouldn’t have been a crapshoot. So, naturally, here’s People with a report that suggests Amy Winehouse simply died in her sleep. At age 27:
The five-time Grammy winner last spoke to her security team at 10 a.m. Saturday, telling them she was going to sleep. Rigor mortis had set in by the time she was found, suggesting she had been dead for several hours.
Sources tell Britain’s Sun newspaper that Winehouse, 27, had seen a doctor Friday night as part of a routine series of regular checkups, given her battle with addiction. The doctor saw nothing amiss.
Winehouse had been strong enough that same night to play a drum kit in her bedroom – so loud that neighbors complained.
Cause of death is not yet known; a toxicology report could take weeks to complete.
A police source tells PEOPLE there was no paraphernalia or sign of drugs in Winehouse’s Camden home, which became the scene of makeshift memorials following news of the troubled singer’s death.
Of course there were no signs of drugs when the police arrived to find a body that had been dead for several hours. Her security team found it first. Because I’m sure those people were told, “Hey, when Amy finally kicks it, make sure there are bags of illegal drugs all over the place. It’ll be great!” On top of that, even her own PR agent says she went on an insane bender – Read: Was Amy Winehouse. – which pretty much everyone associated with her is also saying. But, no, let’s pretend she simply died of natural causes at 27 and “not speak ill of the dead” by pointing out most drug addicts die of drug addiction. Just like we’re not supposed to point out driving 130 mph shit-faced drunk will fucking kill you because you like that person’s shit. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth II Admire Royal Wedding Dress, Exhibit

A trip to one's spouse's grandmother's house isn't a big deal for most, but most of our grandmas aren't monarchs, nor do they live in palaces.
On Friday, Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II went on a one-on-one tour of the exhibitions for the summer opening of Buckingham Palace.
The exhibits prominently feature the April 29 royal wedding.
Among the items on display are Kate Middleton's Alexander McQueen wedding dress, her Cartier tiara, and the three-foot-tall wedding cake.
Here's the Queen and Duchess taking it in ...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jennifer Lopez-Marc Anthony Divorce Chatter: Did He Cheat? What Did Ben Affleck Do?

It's the topic of the week in the supermarket tabloid world: Why did Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony file for divorce?
Rumors abound, many of them blaming Anthony for the split and citing jealousy/control issues. Now, People Magazine takes it a step further: in this week's issue, the publication says J. Lo worried about infidelity on at least three occasions.
An Anthony insiders refutes this claim, though, says the two just "started to see things differently" and: "Though they love, admire and respect each other very much, they just needed to be apart."

Meanwhile, Us Weekly says Ben Affleck actually played a role in the split.
Lopez's ex was reportedly contacted by Lopez's mother, Guadalupe. She "reached out to Ben over email" for advice on her daughter, various sources assert.

"She always liked and trusted him. [Ben] replied back on email, wished her well and offered what he could," a mole said.
A few days after Affleck allegedly talked with Jennifer, she filed for divorce. The tabloid cites Anthony's controlling nature for the split and concludes: Lopez "actually has low self-esteem. And Marc really played into that insecurity. That's why she put up with his abuse for such a long time."

Jennifer Shares the Horrible Bosses Carpet With Costars and Their Leading Ladies

The cast of Horrible Bosses gathered in London this evening for their UK premiere. Jennifer Aniston was in a white Valentino couture dress and Tom Ford shoes for the occasion, after steaming up a morning photocall in a hot black leather mini. She joked around with costar Jason Sudeikis once inside the city's BFI Southbank theater, while the other leading men hit the blue carpet with their significant others. Jason Bateman stuck close to his LBD-wearing wife, Amanda Anka, while Charlie Day proudly stood next to his pregnant spouse, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, who also happens to be his It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia costar. Charlie and Mary Elizabeth, who married in 2006, will welcome their first child together in December. The dark comedy is out in England this Friday and opens in other countries across Europe throughout August.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony: Dish on the Divorce

It takes a lot to surprise Hollywood and those, such as THG, who cover it for a living. But our staff is still rubbing our collective jaw after it slammed to the ground in response to the news that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were filing for divorce.
What went wrong for the couple that appeared to happy together on the American Idol finale? Did another man enter the picture?
No, says a source. The split was simply due to "months of nonstop arguing."

As a result of this fighting, "Marc and Jennifer decided it's best to go their separate ways for the sake of their two kids," the insider tells People.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kate Middleton: Starving to Be Sexy?!

She's drop-dead gorgeous. She married the Prince of freaking Wales. The world has been riveted by every Kate Middleton fashion choice under the sun.
Despite all that, is the pressure of being in the public eye getting to the Duchess of Cambridge? A new tabloid report suggests that it certainly may be.
The 5-foot-10 princess was once a size 6, "but there's no way she's more than a size zero right now - that's extremely skinny," a friend tells Life & Style.
Some friend.

"Kate was pretty skinny on her wedding day, but now she's dropped another 7 to 10 pounds," another insider says, with no basis for that whatsoever.
The magazine claims that Kate barely touched her meal prepared by celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis during their visit to America last week.
Even if that's true, which we doubt, it can't be easy to eat with thousands of people staring at you. Maybe give the girl a little bit of a break.
At least her husband is all over it, according to L&S.

Having lived through his mother's alleged eating disorders, "William's No. 1 priority in life is to ensure that Kate is happy and healthy."
Now that we believe. They're a sweet couple. What do you think, though? Has Kate Middleton lost weight, and is she looking too thin?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

YouTube 'Cosmic Panda' Tests Redesigned User Interface

It's been a while since YouTube rolled out a major overhaul of its user interface, but that's probably about to change.
TechCrunch reports that YouTube has taken the wraps off its "Cosmic Panda" project, testing a dramatic website redesign.
YouTube's description of the project touts a sleeker overall look, an all-new layout for video players and playlists, varied page designs, improved editing tools for channels and more.
You can try out the new design at YouTube's Cosmic Panda portal. If it's not for you, YouTube will also let you revert to the old version.
According to a post on the YouTube blog, the site wants to hear from those who take on Cosmic Panda.
"We’re eager to hear your feedback as it’s a great chance for us to incorporate your ideas into future designs for YouTube," according to the post. "To give us your thoughts, click on the blue flag on the left hand side of the page labeled “Feedback.” We'll be making changes to the experiment regularly, so check back to see if some of your suggestions have made it onto the site or to give us more feedback on the latest update."

Woman Cuts Off Husband’s Penis, Throws It in Garbage Disposal

Ever since Lorena Bobbitt cut off half of her husband's penis and threw it in a field, we've all wondered: Can anyone top that? Finally we have an answer: Yes. How? A garbage disposal.

On Monday night, police were called to a home in Garden Grove, Calif., over a "medical emergency." Which it indeed was! According to the cops, Catherine Kieu Becker, age 48, had drugged her husband, tied him up, and cut off his penis. And then put it in thegarbage disposal and turned it on.

Becker's been arrested and charged with "aggravated mayhem," which carries a possible life sentence, among other things. Her husband is in serious condition in the hospital after undergoing emergency surgery. Becker told cops her husband "deserved it."

Monday, July 11, 2011

Kristen Stewart Bares Her Toned Tummy Running Errands in LA

Kristen Stewart gave us a peek at her midriff in a tight and tiny t-shirt as she picked up some travel documents in LA today. She's taking care of her final pre-production details before starting to shoot Snow White and the Huntsman in the UK.
Kristen's taking off soon, but she has business to take care of in Southern California next week. She will reunite with herTwilight costars for their Breaking Dawn panel at Comic-Con and she'll also be promoting her upcoming fairy tale movie at the convention

Prince William and Kate Middleton Visit LA

It's been a busy few days for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, since they traveled from Canada to CA on Friday. Upon touching down in LA Kate and William went straight the the Variety Summit technology conference and were later welcomed at a reception at the Hancock Park home of the British consulate. The royal couple spent Saturday in Santa Barbara at a charity polo match and finished off their evening at the BAFTA Brits to Watch dinner downtown. Kate and William attended three more events including a meeting with Reese Witherspoon on the West Coast before heading back to London yesterday. The whirlwind few days provided tons of great Kate Middleton fashion moments. They may be back home now, but you can see all the pictures of Kate Middleton and Prince William's California visit here!

Emma, Daniel, and Rupert Pose Together at Their Final Harry Potter Premiere in NYC

Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe, and Emma Watson stuck together on the red carpet at the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in NYC this afternoon. Emma got gorgeous in a strapless Bottega Veneta dress, Lorraine Schwartz jewels, Giuseppe Zanottiheels, and dramatic eye makeup, while Rupert and Daniel both looked dapper in suits and ties. The trio made their first appearance for the movie at last week's London premiere and followed up the excitement with a star-studded Harry Potter afterparty. The costars then made the trip to the East Coast for the film's press junket, and their leading lady continued press when Emma Watson stopped by The Late Show in a sexy Balmain mini before arriving at this evening's main event. We were on the red carpet to chat with Emma, Daniel, and Rupert on our live Harry Potter red-carpet feed, which you can watch back through now! Plus, watch highlights of all the action on PopSugar Rush. There was plenty of energy at the Lincoln Center with stars likeSarah Jessica Parker and her son James Wilkie stepping out to see the movie. Whoopi Goldberg also made her way down the carpet and talked about being a huge fan of the series as did Seth Green and his wife and NY Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Beyonce Sizzles Says 'Best Thing I Never Had' (Watch It!)

Beyonce steams up her latest video, "Best Thing I Never Had," wearing sexy white bridal lingerie while getting ready for her wedding to the man of her dreams.

The video is the story of what happens when the high shool sweetheart you're dating dumps you on the dance floor at the school prom for another girl and he ultimately turns out to be the best thing you never had - because you move on and find true happiness.

"I bet it sucks to be you right now," Beyonce sings as she gets ready to marry her dream guy.
Beyonce's real marriage, to rapper Jay-Z, was so secret that no video or photos from the event have been released. In fact, the couple is very rarely photographed together at events.

The former Destiny's Child singer's new album, "4," is currently the #1 album in America and her fourth consecutive #1 album. Beyonce's only the third artist in history to have her first four albums debut at #1 on the Billboard album chart. Who are the others who did it? Britney Spears landed #1s with her first four albums, from 1999-2003; and DMX had his first five albums debut at the top from 1998-2003.

New Daddy David Beckham Shows Some Buttcheek & Scores Amazing Goal!

David Beckham worked his magic from a dead ball situation once again to lead the Los Angeles Galaxy to a 2-1 win over the Chicago Fire in the U.S. Major League (MLS) on Saturday.
Beckham bent the ball into the six-yard box from the left corner flag, and the bounce eluded Galaxy forwards and Fire defenders alike to find its way into the back of the unguarded net.
“I saw the goalie cheating a little out of goal and saw a gap,” Beckham said Saturday. “I knew if I put it in area, it was going to get a touch off somebody or go straight in. Luckily, it went straight in.”

He also gave the fans an extra treat when he pulled his shorts up and gave a glimpse of his buttcheek.
This morning at 7.55 am David scored the ultimate win when his wife Victoria Beckham gave birth to a 7lbs 10oz daughter at Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles.
Watch video of David score the amazing goal…