Monday, July 25, 2011

Of Course We’re Going To Pretend Amy Winehouse Didn’t Die From Drugs

For some reason, when celebrities die, the media likes to try and whitewash their death, most likely because their fans won’t hear a word about their beloved idol actually being a crazed drug addict even though they looked Amy Winehouse above almost every single time they’re photographed. Case in point: I actually caught shit from people for the pics I used on the post about her death. Because apparently I should’ve found shots of her looking sober using my time machine to travel back to the day she was born which lets not pretend wouldn’t have been a crapshoot. So, naturally, here’s People with a report that suggests Amy Winehouse simply died in her sleep. At age 27:
The five-time Grammy winner last spoke to her security team at 10 a.m. Saturday, telling them she was going to sleep. Rigor mortis had set in by the time she was found, suggesting she had been dead for several hours.
Sources tell Britain’s Sun newspaper that Winehouse, 27, had seen a doctor Friday night as part of a routine series of regular checkups, given her battle with addiction. The doctor saw nothing amiss.
Winehouse had been strong enough that same night to play a drum kit in her bedroom – so loud that neighbors complained.
Cause of death is not yet known; a toxicology report could take weeks to complete.
A police source tells PEOPLE there was no paraphernalia or sign of drugs in Winehouse’s Camden home, which became the scene of makeshift memorials following news of the troubled singer’s death.
Of course there were no signs of drugs when the police arrived to find a body that had been dead for several hours. Her security team found it first. Because I’m sure those people were told, “Hey, when Amy finally kicks it, make sure there are bags of illegal drugs all over the place. It’ll be great!” On top of that, even her own PR agent says she went on an insane bender – Read: Was Amy Winehouse. – which pretty much everyone associated with her is also saying. But, no, let’s pretend she simply died of natural causes at 27 and “not speak ill of the dead” by pointing out most drug addicts die of drug addiction. Just like we’re not supposed to point out driving 130 mph shit-faced drunk will fucking kill you because you like that person’s shit. This is why we can’t have nice things.

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