Friday, October 5, 2012

Zhang Zi lin Appears Nude in Movie Refusing a Substitute

The movie “Tough Guy 2″ by Liu Ye, and Zhang Zilin (张梓琳 Eilin Zhang ), the first Chinese Miss World will be released in April.  Zhang Zilin, who plays movie for the first time has a bold nude bathing scene in the film, She said frankly she is a bit scared, but ultimately she conquered her psychological barrier and completed nude scene.
Although the movie director said she could find a substitute, but Zhang Zi lin said
“Nude scene is part of the film, and in the movie the love with Liu Ye is full of sunshine, so I am willing to challenge myself.”
She also did a lot of hard work for the movie, She Looked at the bathroom many times and already actively communicated with Liu Ye. She boldly kissed emotionally with Liu Ye in nakedness, and smiley said she had seen fear in the eyes of Liu Ye.

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