Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Asha Bhosle’s daughter Varsha commits suicide by shooting on her chest with a pistol:

The daughter of versatile and popular singer Asha Bhosle had committed suicide last afternoon by shooting herself on her chest. This incident has been known through foreign reports. This incident had happened in her residence situated in South Mumbai inside her religious observance room.
She had shot herself on her chest with a pistol and had died instantaneously. There was no clue whatsoever as to the reason why she committed suicide. At the time of the incident she had been all alone inside the house. There had not been any particular reason known to the family circles about her action.
The elder sister of Asha Bhosle’s, also famous Latha Manjeskar had lived in a house in the vicinity. It was not possible to see her body as the room in her religious room was locked up. However a driver of Latha Manjeskar had been able to view her body in a pool of blood. Although she was taken to hospital, she had died long before admission..
At the time of the incident she had been in Singapore to take part in a musical concert, but on hearing the news had returned immediately. According to Indian media reports there could have been a family conflict behind this incident, it is suspected.
The manner how the India media reported this incident via a video is shown BELOW:

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