Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kate Middleton Nude Photographer: Identified

Kate Middleton Topless Cover

The paparazzo who took the now-infamous photographs of Kate Middleton topless and bottomless has been identified as part of the ongoing criminal investigation.

Prince William's criminal filing after the fact has led officials to the celebrity news photographer who snapped around 200 photos of the couple sunbathing in France.
Over 200 photos of Kate Middleton topless and in various stages of undress were taken from a great distance and published in tabloids across Europe.

A source tells the Daily Mirror (UK):
"William and Kate are determined to bring the person who took those photos to justice, and they're pushing hard for a custodial sentence. They want to make an example of this person."
The British royal family has universally decried what they call an egregious invasion of privacy after Closer magazine first published the nude photos.
The publication, which ran over a dozen Kate Middleton photos, confirms they hired a male photographer to survey the couple, but refused to reveal his identity.
The photos, which were taken as the duo vacationed on private property, renewed the debate over what the pair's reasonable expectation of privacy should be.
The man could face jail time and a huge fine if convicted of a crime.
A handful of the (censored) controversial images appear below:
Kate Middleton Nude

Kate Middleton Topless Images

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