Wednesday, October 31, 2012

10 Largest Funerals in the World

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01. Princess Diana

Some people touch us in an amazing way. When they pass away! their funeral becomes a public affair where people who have often only seen them on TV perform a public outpouring of emotion. I may be lucky to have two or three people attend my funeral. Some people have had a few more though. Occasionally around the world there are people whose funeral brings millions of people onto the street to mourn. Here are the biggest ones.
Princess Diana was known as the Princess of the People. The world was shocked by her sudden death and in the UK she turned overnight from an oft ridiculed Princess, into a national heroine. The funeral of Diana was held in London on September 6th 1997. The procession drew an estimated three million mourners, who lined the streets of London to pay homage to their Princess. 09 more after the break...

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02. Ayrton Senna

 Ayrton Senna was a racing driver who is regarded as the greatest by many of his peers. He was much more than that as his death showed. Senna’s death was considered a national tragedy by his many Brazilian fans. In fact, after his death the country had three official days of mourning. It is estimated 3,000,000 people crowded onto the roads of Sao Paulo to pay their respects. He was a true hero to the people of Brazil.

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03. Michael Jackson

We have had a Princess and a sports star. Another category of people idolized in the modern world is pop stars. None have ever been bigger than Michael Jackson. His funeral was private and attended by the family. However, the service was broadcast live around the world. The roads in LA were closed as his body travelled to the Staples Center to be laid to rest. Nearly a million fans congregated outside the center to pay their respects.

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04. C.N. Annadurai (Anna)

Indian people can be among the most fanatic in the world. In 1969, it is estimated that between 10-15 million people came onto the streets to watch the funeral of C. N. Annadurai – a similar amount to which live in greater New York. I can believe the only time it may be beaten is when cricket legend Sachin Tendaulker dies. This leader and revolutionary is more commonly known as Anna (which means elder brother in the Tamil language).

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05. Pope John Paul II
 Religious followers are very devout. The pope is considered the manifestation of God on earth and so their passing away is considered cause for pilgrimage. Between 2-4 million people are estimated to have attended Pope John Paul II’s funeral in Rome on April 7th 2005. That is more people than you will usually find cars on the roads of Italy’s capital city. It was a great showing of the power that religion still shows in the world nowadays.

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06. Kim Jong-il II
Sometimes you have no choice but to attend a funeral. In the winter of 2011, aged 69, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il died of a heart attack. He was given a three hour funeral procession led by a limousine bearing a massive painting of Kim Jong Il beaming away. Millions of North Koreans crowded onto the streets to mourn. His coffin was covered in a red flag and beautiful white flowers – as it passed by soldiers struggled to keep mourners from pouring out onto the road. Or perhaps they were in fact poking them to make them cry for the cameras.

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07. Umm Kulthum

 A true idol of the Arab world passed away on February 5th 1975. A crowd reported to be in excess of 4 million people came out to watch the funeral procession of Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum in Cairo. She was an Egyptian songwriter, singer and actress who had touched hearts. In fact, more than 30 years after her death, many still regard her as the most elegant and famous of Egyptian singers in the 20th century. Her memory still holds a large place in most Egyptian people’s hearts.

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08. President Nasser

The Egyptians certainly like to celebrate a death it can be said. The crowd which came to Cairo for the funeral of Egyptian President Nasser on October 1st 1970 was also estimated at an amazing 4 million people. President Nasser had led the Egyptian Revolution of 1952, removing the reigning King and bringing about a new era of industrialization in Egypt. As leader of this revolution, he was a hero to many in Egypt and they turned out in force to mourn his death.

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09. Victor Hugo
Perhaps the most beautiful example of a big funeral belongs to that of Victor Hugo. Not a celebrity as we know in the modern world, he did however touch many people’s hearts with the beautiful words that he wrote. Between 2 and 3 million people gathered to attend the funeral of Victor Hugo in Paris. Victor Hugo was a poet, author and more – he was a celebrity of the 19th century. A multi talented man, his best known works are the novels Notre-Dame de Paris (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) and the now long lasting musical, Les Miserables.

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10. M.K Gandhi
Many people remember him as the “Great Soul”. In January 1948, another multi million person funeral was held when over 2 million people gathered to attend the funeral of Gandhi. We know Gandhi as the leading political and spiritual leader of his time and he was also thought of as India’s Father of Independence. His passion was what inspired movements for freedom and civil rights across the world and has made him an unforgettable historical figure.
Princesses, sports stars, pop stars, political stars, poets, revolutionists, dictators. Anyone can get a big funeral. All you need to do is make a country fall in love with you. Failing that, just make sure that those around you have reason to love you and you can be sure that you will have your own special sending away. The only thing you leave behind is the impact you make. While you are living decide what you would like people to say about you at your funeral and live it.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kate Middleton Nude Photographer: Identified

Kate Middleton Topless Cover

The paparazzo who took the now-infamous photographs of Kate Middleton topless and bottomless has been identified as part of the ongoing criminal investigation.

Prince William's criminal filing after the fact has led officials to the celebrity news photographer who snapped around 200 photos of the couple sunbathing in France.
Over 200 photos of Kate Middleton topless and in various stages of undress were taken from a great distance and published in tabloids across Europe.

A source tells the Daily Mirror (UK):
"William and Kate are determined to bring the person who took those photos to justice, and they're pushing hard for a custodial sentence. They want to make an example of this person."
The British royal family has universally decried what they call an egregious invasion of privacy after Closer magazine first published the nude photos.
The publication, which ran over a dozen Kate Middleton photos, confirms they hired a male photographer to survey the couple, but refused to reveal his identity.
The photos, which were taken as the duo vacationed on private property, renewed the debate over what the pair's reasonable expectation of privacy should be.
The man could face jail time and a huge fine if convicted of a crime.
A handful of the (censored) controversial images appear below:
Kate Middleton Nude

Kate Middleton Topless Images

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New buildings Coming up In Colombo


68 floors
Developer; Indocean Developers (Pvt) Ltd, a venture of Indian property group South City Projects (Kolkata)
completed in three years (2016).
Location; opposite Beira Lake

the 400-apartment condominium tower development with top-of-line finishes, is speculated to cost around Rs. 8 billion.

The exclusive residential tower is looking to target expatriates, non-resident Sri Lankans and others. In-house facilities will include a swimming pool, gym, lounge, function room, play area for children, tennis courts and many other facilities. The mixed-use project is recognised by its 57th floor SkyPark with its 150-meter infinity swimming pool, observation deck and restaurants.

Krrish Square

Number of floors: 4 towers. Highest with 85 floors
Completion date: 2016
Developer: Krrish Group, India
The Krrish Transworks square in Fort will be trnaformed in to 4 towers of residential, retail and offices. The former Public Works Dept building will be transformed in to a 7 star ultra luxury boutique hotel.

The four high rise towers will be built as a vertical city. One of the residential sky scrapper will have 80 floors and other two would be 55 floors. The fourth tower will have 85 floors and will house the seven-star hotel, commercial office spaces.

Hyatt Regency Colombo

Location: Colombo 3 (near Galle Face)
Property Type: five-star Luxury Hotel Complex
Developer: Sinolanka Hotels & Spa (Pvt) Ltd
(old Ceylinco Building)
Number of floors: 45
Completion date: Delayed


Location: Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 7
Property Type: Luxury Penthouse, Studio and Standard
Developer: Keangnam
Number of units: 178
Number of floors: Twin Towsers 38 & 42 Completion date: Delayed

Shangri-La Colombo 

Five-Stars Luxury Hotel Complex
Location : Galle Face Green
Developer : Hong Kong-based Shangri-La Hotels and
Floors : 30
Targeting to open the Hotel in mid-2015.

Ocean View Residencies 

Location: Colombo 3 (opposite Pizza Hut)
Property Type: Luxury Apartments
Developer: Accor Developers (India)
Number of units: 350 (1-4 Bed Apartments)
Number of floors: 47 Completion date: Delayed

Monday, October 22, 2012

Madusha Mayadunne second runner-up at Miss International 2012

Sri Lanka’s Madusha Mayadunne was selected as the second runner-up at the 52nd Miss International 2012 pageant held in Okinawa, Japan yesterday.

Miss Japan won the title while Finland was the first runner-up and Dominican Republic the third runner-up.

Miss friendship was won by Mauritius, Miss Performance by Russia, Miss National Costume by Honduras and Miss Photogenic by Japan. Mayadunne was among he fifteen finalists including Colombia, Brazil,Japan, Finland, Namibia, Venezuela, Uk, USA, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Paraguay, Mexico, India and Haiti.

 Here’s the result of the annual international beauty pageant. The Miss International 2012 winners are:

Miss International 2012: Japan - Ikumi Yoshimatsu

1st Runner-up: Finland - Viivi Suominen
2nd Runner-up: Sri Lanka - Madusha Mayadunne
3rd Runner-up: Dominican Republic - Melody Mir
4th Runner-up: Paraguay - Nicole Huber

Top 15 Finalists

Brazil - Rafaela Butarelli
Colombia - Melissa Varón
Haiti - Anedie Azael
India - Rochelle Maria Rao
Mexico - Jessica García Formenti
Namibia - Paulina Malulu
Philippines - Nicole Schmitz
United Kingdom - Alize Lily Mounter
USA - Amanda Renee Delgado
Venezuela - Blanca Aljibes

Special Awards

Miss Friendship: Mauritius – Ameeksha Dilchand
Miss Photogenic: Japan – Ikumi Yoshimatsu
Miss Talent: Russia – Ekaterina Meglinskaia
Best National Costume: Honduras – Nicole Velasquez
Miss Internet: Myanmar – Nang Khin Zay Yar
Miss JOICEF: Haiti - Anedie Azael

Lonely Planet names SL as best to visit in 2013

World’s most renowned and largest travel guide book and digital media publisher –“The Lonely Planet” has named Sri Lanka as number one destination in the world to visit in year 2013.

The travel experts and the voters have predicted that Sri Lanka will be on the top of the hottest new holiday destinations for the travelers in year 2013. Under the title  ‘Serenity returns to Serendib “  the travel guide raves destination Sri Lanka describing the multi-faceted experiences the traveler can look for in this small Island , fused with novelty and indulgence :

“Dubbed Serendib -the origin of the word serendipity “ by seafaring Arab traders centuries ago, Sri Lanka has been anything but serene in recent decades. …South Asia's most compact country have remained off limits to even the most intrepid traveller. .…investment is again fuelling the tourist industry and visitor numbers are steadily increasing. Prices are affordable. Indeed, Sri Lanka is emerging as one of the planet's best-value destinations.

The travel guide book highlights the emerging new popular places to visit in Sri Lanka including the newly opened up East coast and less travelled paths in the western coast as well : “North of the capital Colombo, on Sri Lanka's west coast, Kalpitiya and the Puttalam lagoon are eco-tourism hotspots with bird watching and kayaking. Near Dondra Head, on the south coast, mighty blue whales are regular visitors from January to April while land-based wildlife thrills include the leopards and elephants of Yala National Park, and the more rugged and remote Wilpattu National Park, open once more after being closed for more than two decades “

Being famous for pristine sandy beaches from the begining, the Lonely Planet remarks that the total experience in Sri Lanka is truly a life changing experience for any traveler:  

“The gloriously arcing beaches of the nation's east coast are now challenging traditional southern favourites. Arugam Bay's sandy crescent is one of Asia's best surf spots and further north, Uppuveli and Nilaveli near Trincomalee stretch for several pristine kilometers….Explore the glorious labyrinth of Galle's 17th-century Dutch fort. In past centuries, the Unesco-listed colonial town was a prosperous hub of global trade and now boutique hotels and an emerging arts scene instil a cosmopolitan allure. Further north, you can discover Sri Lanka's imposing ancient cities, emerging from a verdant landscape. All around the country, tuck into great-value local cuisine including grilled seafood, spicy kottu (roti chopped and mixed with vegetables) and multi-course mini banquets of different curries at family run guesthouses. Indian and Thai cooking may be world-renowned, but Sri Lanka's time in the global gourmet spotlight can't be far away.”

The country is becoming easier to reach due to cheap fares from regional hub Bangkok said Lonely Planet.

The annual Lonely Planet lists are compiled based on unbiased views of the staff, writers and travel community. Spokesman Adam Bennett said that the choices are not based on where travellers are already going but rather are "our pick of where we believe travellers really should consider visiting in 2013." He said that destinations make the list for a variety of reasons, including special events, recent developments or buzz, or that the destination is up-and-coming and worth visiting before the crowds get too big.

This achievement is certainly a boost for the Tourism industry of Sri Lanka which keeps on breaking its own records through out the past years and strategically targeting  2.5 million tourist arrivals by year 2016.

Sri Lanka to launch first ever communication satellite

Colombo: Sri Lanka has entered into a partnership agreement with a private enterprise to launch its first ever communication satellite.
SupremeSAT (Pvt) Ltd. has signed an investment agreement with the Sri Lanka Board of Investment (BOI) yesterday to the tune of US$ 20 million which will be increased to US$ 320 million in the long term.

The company plans to launch the country's first ever communication satellite utilizing the Planned Orbital Slot of Sri Lanka which is located at 50 degrees East.
Sri Lankan satellite, based on DFH-4 (DongFangHong-4) satellite platform, will be manufactured by China's State-owned China Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC).
SupremeSAT has entered into an exclusive partnership agreement with CGWIC for the design, manufacturing and launching of the satellite.

The DFH-4 (DongFangHong-4) platform is a large telecommunications satellite platform with a new generation of hardware based on high output power and communication capacity comparable to international advanced satellite platforms.
Launch is scheduled to take place onboard the Long March satellite carrier in 2015-2016 timeframe.

The new venture of SupremeSAT will offer all types of telecommunication services such as broadband and networking services, various broadcast solutions, back-haul or range extension facilities for telecom operators and other services such as E-government and E-learning.

Friday, October 19, 2012

World's oldest dad is 94 – and likes sex three times a night

Becoming the world's oldest dad has meant that 94-year-old Ramjeet Raghav has had to put his sex life on hold.

The nonagenarian and his partner Shakuntala, who is in her 50s, have halted their three-times-a-night lovemaking in order to focus on their new son Vikramjeet.
'I'm healthy and I enjoy sex with my wife. I think it's very important for a husband and wife to have sex regularly,' Mr Raghav, from Haryana in northern India, who spent nine decades as a bachelor, told The Sun.
"When she asks I will go on all night but for the sake of my child I've put our needs aside for now."
His partner added that she does not think her husband seems old, saying: 'He can make love like any 25-year-old man - even better because he can go on all night. And he's a wonderful father.'
The couple also revealed that once they have settled into parenthood they would like to try for a second child.
Mr Raghav, who was a wrestler in his younger days and still works nine hours a day digging fields, is confident he will be around to see his offspring grow up, challenging reporters to come and see him in another ten years.
He has taken the world record for world's oldest dad from Indian farmer Nanu Ram Jogi, whose wife gave birth to his 21st child when he was 90 in 2007.
In the UK, the oldest father is 79-year-old Raymond Calvert, whose 25-year-old partner gave birth last year.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Kim Kardashian: Pregnant and Alone?

Sources supposedly tell the tabloid that Kardashian really wants a child, but is "scared to raise a baby alone."
And the motherly urges couldn't come at a worse time because Kanye West has allegedly given Kim an "ultimatum."
He has told her that she better “make some changes" or "he will dump her," this anonymous insider claims, explaining:
"He’s laid down the law when it comes to her show... Kris [Jenner] is constantly trying to get Kanye to do appearances, and he thinks the show is beneath him."
Of course, Kanye acted like anything but a distant boyfriend last night. He nearly attacked a photographer after she asked him about Kim's ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush.
Such a reaction causes one to wonder: Would Kim's imaginary child be better off with such a role model?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gangnam Style


Gangnam" means "south(nam) of the river(gang)" in Korean. In this song, the "river(gang)" is the Han River, which penetrates the City of Seoul, capital of South Korea. The northern part of Seoul(gangbuk) has been the capital of Korea since the early 15th century. Development of Gangnam and expansion of Seoul started in 1970s. Gangnam is the icon of the rapid economic development of South Korea in 1970s and 80s. Mostly benefited from skyrocketing real estate price followed by planned economic development, Gangnam has become the most wealthy area in the entire South Korea. "Gangnam" is being regarded as the place where people are rich, girls are pretty and everything is supposed to be cool.



Najeneun ttasaroun inganjeogin yeoja 
Keopi hanjanui yeoyureul aneun pumgyeok inneun yeoja 
Bami omyeon simjangi tteugeowojineun yeoja 
Geureon banjeon inneun yeoja 

Naneun sanai 
Najeneun neomankeum ttasaroun geureon sanai 
Keopi sikgido jeone wonsyat ttaerineun sanai 
Bami omyeon simjangi teojyeobeorineun sanai 
Geureon sanai 

Areumdawo sarangseureowo 
Geurae neo hey geurae baro neo hey 

Areumdawo sarangseureowo 
Geurae neo hey geurae baro neo hey 

Jigeumbuteo gal dekkaji gabolkka 

Oppan Gangnam Style 
Gangnam Style 

Op op op op 
Oppan Gangnam Style 
Gangnam Style 

Op op op op 
Oppan Gangnam Style 

Eh- Sexy Lady 
Op op op op 
Oppan Gangnam Style 

Eh- Sexy Lady 
Op op op op 
eh eh eh eh eh eh eh 
Jeongsukhae boijiman nol ttaen noneun yeoja 
Ittaeda sipeumyeon mukkeotdeon meori puneun yeoja 
Garyeotjiman wenmanhan nochulboda yahan yeoja 
Geureon gamgakjeogin yeoja 

Naneun sanai 
Jeomjanha boijiman nol ttaen noneun sanai 
Ttaega doemyeon wanjeon michyeobeorineun sanai 
Geunyukboda sasangi ultungbultunghan sanai 
Geureon sanai 

Areumdawo sarangseureowo 
Geurae neo hey geurae baro neo hey 

Areumdawo sarangseureowo 
Geurae neo hey geurae baro neo hey 

Jigeumbuteo gal dekkaji gabolkka 

Oppan Gangnam Style 
Gangnam Style 

Op op op op 
Oppan Gangnam Style 
Gangnam Style 

Op op op op 
Oppan Gangnam Style 

Eh- Sexy Lady 
Op op op op 
Oppan Gangnam Style 

Eh- Sexy Lady 
Op op op op 
eh eh eh eh eh eh eh 

Ttwineun nom geu wie naneun nom 
Baby baby 
Naneun mwol jom aneun nom 

Ttwineun nom geu wie naneun nom 
Baby baby 
Naneun mwol jom aneun nom 

You know what I'm saying 

Oppan Gangnam Style 
Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh 
Eh- Sexy Lady 
Op op op op 
Oppan Gangnam Style 

Eh- Sexy Lady 
Op op op op 
Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh 
Oppan Gangnam Style 

Learn Gangnam Style

1. "Inmate Gangnam Style"The Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center— an unconventional prison in the Philippines that uses large-scale choreographed dance routines to rehabilitate its inmates — has already gone viral once before, with a version of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" that has earned than 50 million views. Given their YouTube cred, it's no surprise that they've come up with a jumpsuit-clad take on Psy's hit. (viaGawker)
2. "Lifeguard Style"After their "Lifeguard Style" parody went viral, each of the 14 El Monte, Calif., lifeguards featured in this video was fired "for using city property, including the pool and their uniforms, for private use." Amid widespread public outcry, the city's mayor has called for an independent review of the hasty decision. (via The Huffington Post)
3. "Gangnam Style Mom"Offering proof that "Gangnam Style" is a multi-generational phenomenon, this video, shot with a stationary camera in a living room, showcases the impressive synchronized dancing talents of a mother-son duo. This unlikely "Gangnam Style" collaboration, reportedly Psy's favorite parody, earned its participants a guest spot on Ellen. (via CBS News)
4. "Nerdy Style"Popular YouTube performer JuzDin offers his own take: "Nerdy Style," an English-language parody in which he's tormented by bullies and rejected by women. "Call me a nerd, [but] I know how to fight like Yoda," sings JuzDin while brandishing a plastic light saber.  (via BuzzFeed)
5. "Pony Gangnam Style"Horses feature prominently in the original "Gangnam Style" video, so it's only fitting that it has spawned a parody starring a particularly enthusiastic equine from the cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. (via The Wall Street Journal)
6. "Navy Gangnam Style"
Crisply uniformed Navy midshipmen from Annapolis, Md., jive and thrust their way through the routine on docks and boats. And unlike the lifeguards who lost their jobs, these guys have earned Navy approval: A spokesman told an Annapolis newspaper that he's happy the video "has struck a chord with the American public." (via USA Today)
7. "Gandalf Style"Just in time to ride The Hobbit's hype, this parody features a man dressed as Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings. Enigmatically, the gray wizard ambushes seemingly unsuspecting people with the "Gangnam Style" dance at a Baskin-Robbins, a supermarket parking lot, and a kids' soccer game.(via Billboard)
8. "Baby Gangnam Style"A group of young moms and their tots star in this video, with one moppet even strapping on a pint-sized version of Psy's blue jacket and sunglasses. The video cleverly adapts unglamorous parenting chores — such as hauling bags of dirty diapers — to reference the seductive moves in Psy's video. (via Billboard) 
9. "Gangnam Style — The Oregon Duck"Here, the University of Oregon mascot fills in for Psy, joined by a startling range of fellow dancers including Bigfoot, Yoda, and Kermit the Frog. But despite all the surprise cameos, the video's undeniable highlight comes when the Duck, in an apparent homage to comedian Gallagher, smashes a watermelon with a sledgehammer. (via The San Jose Mercury News)