Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ashanthi de Alwis win the Best Pop Act at the Bite My Music Global Awards

 Just so absolutely estatic over this win! it is the first time i have won a global gold award competing with so many countries across the globe! Firstly i would like to thank my parents for blessing me with this talent and encouraging me to make music, my studio engineer Shenal Maddumage and all the people behind me who continue to support my every musical endeavour. Thanks Siva and Meera for this opportunity to showcase Asian talent on a global scale. I would also like to give the biggest shout out to my fans! you guys rock!! thanks for keeping me on top! Asia is going places, i am just glad that i am in the race waving the Sri Lankan flag high! ” – Ashanthi

Best Pop Act
Ashanthi (Sri Lanka) (1st place)
Chris Schermer (Austria)(2nd place)
Worren Webbe (India) (3rd place)
Feritta (Australia) (4th place)
Allegro Fudge (India) (5th place)
Stars and rabbit (Indonesia) (6th place)

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