Thursday, November 22, 2012

Robert Pattinson: Kristen Stewart Is ‘Perfect’

Rob calls Kristen ‘perfect’ in a new interview while promoting ‘Breaking Dawn: Part 2′ — Do YOU think he’s forgiven her for cheating? 

Robert Pattinson was reportedly devastated and humiliated when Kristen Stewart was photographed having an affair with her SWATH director Rupert Sanders. But just a couple months later, while promoting Breaking Dawn: Part 2, Rob called her “perfect.” Is all forgiven?

 When the cheating photos went viral on July 24, Rob was heartbroken. But just months later, on Nov. 12, the two stars appeared on the Breaking Dawn red carpet together, looking more in love than ever. So has Rob totally forgiven Kristen for cheating? As we recently told you, Rob’s sisters “are disgusted by Kristen.” A source told Life & Style, 

“They saw how hurt Rob was after the affair, and that anger hasn’t washed away yet. They feel Kristen embarrassed the entire family by cheating on Rob so publicly.” Guess he’s ignoring his family and listening to his heart! In the new interview, Kristen also admits that Bella & Edward’s love “presents a really perfect idea of what a relationship could be” and that true love is worth fighting for… even in real life! Watch the new interview below:

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