Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pagani Zonda Revolucion delivers 800 hp and F1 technology for a mere $2.9 million

The playbook for automakers updating its model lineup remains simple: increase power; add technology. But when you take Italian supercar builder Pagani and its wildly insane Zonda R, you'd think the limits have perhaps been met. Apparently, however, they have not, as the Zonda Revolucion arrives weighing just 2,358 lbs. and packing 800 hp. That's 50 more than the already ridiculous Zonda R, making the Revolucion now boast an unfathomable 748 hp per ton. That's absolute madness.
But as Horacio Pagani himself says: "Limits are made to be overcome."
Torque figures are equally impressive, as the 6.0 liter V-12, constructed for Pagani by Mercedes AMG, now coaxes 538 lb-ft. Technology? Yep, they added that too, offering a Formula One style two-mode DRS (drag reduction system). The system adjusts the rear wing's position between maximum and minimum downforce, at a lateral acceleration of 0.8 g. Alternatively, holding down the DRS button for two seconds places the system in automatic mode, adjusting the wing based upon the algorithms set by the Pagani engineers. The car must be traveling above 60 mph for the DRS to remain operable. The transmission is a six-speed magnesium transversal and sequential box that shifts in 20 ms, and the traction control sports a whopping 12 different settings, perfectly suited for the indecisive track-day warrior.
As with everything, when power figures increase and radical technology comes equipped, the price tag tends to inflate. If you want a Zonda Revolucion (and who wouldn't?) be prepared to drop $2.9 million dollars. Plus tax. What you get for the money remains a track-ready monster that looks wilder than the Batmobile and possesses more gadgets than James Bond's DB5. If you put it like that, it's not a bad deal at all.

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