Thursday, April 27, 2017

Call of Duty WW2

CALL OF Duty WW2 is not an official World at War 2 style sequel, even though many fans may think otherwise.

Having first focused on fans wanting to find out more about the new game announced for PS4, Xbox One and PC, there are now several new topics being searched for on Google.

One of those is Call of Duty World at War 2, a topic that makes sense but isn’t quite on the money.

By looking at the current search terms on Google, you actually find that in the past hour just as many people are searching for Call of Duty WW2, as our also looking for World at War 2.

However, Call of Duty WW2 is not a sequel to the now classic Treyarch title, Call of Duty: World at War.

But it’s easy to see how fans could get mixed up; both titles are set to share some pretty big similarities, away from just the setting.

World at War focused on both the Pacific Theater and Eastern Front during the war, and follows the American and Soviet campaigns.

Following the launch of the new Call of Duty WW2 reveal trailer, the trending topics connected to the new title have shifted.

Call of Duty WW2, meanwhile, has been confirmed as focusing on a Campaign taking players through Normandy, France, Belgium, as well as other turning points of World War II.

In the World at War American missions, players assume the role of Private Miller, taking part in the Battle of Peleliu and beyond, while the Soviet missions take you to the Battle of Stalingrad and introduce you to Private Dmitri Petrenko and Sergeant Viktor Reznov, names familiar to those that have played the Black Ops series.

Call of Duty WW2 features “Red” Daniels, Private in the 1st Infantry Division, with best friend Robert Zussman, as well as missions coordinating with French resistance leader, Rousseau, and British intel force's Crowley.

And based on the information supplied by Activision, there doesn’t appear to be anything linking this new title to the Black Ops series of games.

World at War was also the game that introduced the world to Treyarch's now infamous Zombies, which was originally included as an Easter egg.

Activision confirmed today that Call of Duty WW2 will have its own Nazi Zombies mode, which will focus on the Third Reich’s attempts to build a new army.

However, when it comes to multiplayer, things will be a lot different between the two games, with Activision expanding on traditional COD online gameplay.

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