Monday, August 1, 2011

Angelina Jolie to Scale Back Film Career?

Even Angelina Jolie can't do it all.
Between acting, directing, raising six kids and saving the world, she's got a lot on her plate. As she gets older, the 36-year-old knows something has to give.
What she's likely to give up first is an easy call.

"As Brad and I get older we're going to do fewer films. I've been working a long time, he's been working a long time. We've had a nice run and don't want to be doing this indefinitely, our whole lives. There are a lot of other things to do."
"You're drawn to certain roles because they question something about life, about love, about freedom. You ask these questions as you grow up: am I strong enough, am I sane enough? Do I understand love, do I understand myself?"
Jolie continues, "I'm older and I know who I am ... and I'm less interested in the character helping me answer something ... than in being able to answer it for myself, as a woman, as an adult, with my family."
For Angelina, answers that she once sought to find from her characters can now be found as she travels the world, taking her adopted children to their home countries and doing massive amounts of charity work.
Of course, Jolie has said that same exact thing a number of times previously; she first mentioned it in 2006, and then again in 2008.
Think she'll really pull herself away?

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