Friday, June 17, 2011

Amazing photo shots show

Photos of Britain in a whole new light have been taken by an astronaut orbiting 230 miles away in space.

The amazing shots show what the UK and Ireland look like at night with huge areas twinkling.
London is a huge mass of orange and yellow with spindly, lit-up roads leading out of it in all directions.
Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and Dublin are also glowing brightly in the dark.
The pictures were taken by Italian astronaut Paulo Nespoli during the six months he spent aboard the International Space Station.

The 54-year-old captured the view on a cloudless night before he headed back to Earth last month.
Meanwhile, a glowing emerald nebula, a huge region of hot gas and glowing dust, has been captured by a space telescope.

It has been named RCW 120 by astronomers and, although it cannot be seen by the naked eye, its colours were picked up by the Spitzer telescope's infrared detectors.
The nebula is 4,300 light years away near the constellation Scorpius.

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