Tuesday, June 28, 2011

women who never remove make up for 2 year

A 20-year-old South Korean woman has not removed her make-up for two years.

"I want to look perfect at all time, I even sleep with the make-up on," said Bae Dal-mi.

Bae said she started learning the skill as a 14-year old and eventually started applying   very thick make-up.

She said the mirror was the most important item in her life.

"I always look into the mirror and keep it by my side all the time," she told a South Korean TV variety show.

Although Bae is considered a beautiful woman, she said she was not satisfied with her look. She said she wanted to do plastic surgery on 10 places.

Her mother, exasperated by Bae's extreme behaviour, brought her to see a beauty doctor via the programme.

Bae's skin was found to be two times older than her actual age due to the unremoved make-up.

As advised by the doctor, Bae finally removed her make-up in front of the camera.

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