Friday, June 26, 2015

Murder of 19 year old Girl CCTV

Youth tries to kill himself thinking that lover at Wattala shop ....
would belong to another (CCTV)
A few months before this a girl working in a textile shop in the town of Wattala was stabbed
by a knife and killed by a youth supposed to have been her lover. This youth who concealed a knife in his person began stabbing the girl over and over again when those who came there to buy the clothes and sales personnel of the shop were watching all the time. The 19 year old girl, Fathima Roshana Ismi  who faced stabs on 13 points of her body died on the spot. At that moment the youth too had tried to cut his throat and put an end to his life too but he only received some injuries. Later he was admitted to hospital.

Though the two of them had started a love affair, since both parties had opposed a marriage between the two religions relating to a Muslim and Buddhist, the girl concerned had made a decision to put a stop to the affair. However, saying that he did not like his lover belonging to another, the boy had thought of killing his lover and then killing himself too in this manner.

The CCTV footage of the shop outlet relevant to this incident has been released to the internet. The video of the scene, from BELOW