Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Asad Rauf used her for sex??

Renowned cricket umpire Asad Rauf has been captured in the following claims back foot by a model based on the old Oshiwara Pakistan cricketer Premier sexually exploited her for several months after promising marriage.

Leena Kapoor has sent a written complaint (copy with Mid Day) to the office of Pratap Dighavkar, DCP, Zone IX. Mentioned that Rauf had met through a mutual friend in Sri Lanka six months ago. They exchanged numbers and then stayed together in the country for three days.

Arriving in Bombay, fell ill. Rauf went to see her and their bond grew stronger. Kapoor says Rauf made ​​at the time that he would marry her and get her a new apartment. He told her he was married and had two sons, but his religion allowed him to have more than one wife and family give their consent.

The two held the meeting, often when Rauf - who is a member of the ICC Elite Panel umpire - to come to India to officiate in tournaments including IPL. "I asked several times about marriage and he always told me it would happen soon," said Kapoor noon.

Kapoor said some days ago, she tried to call Rauf, but there was no response from him. Five days ago, is said to have called her saying he did not know and did not want any of the subsequent interactions with her.

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