Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sexy Ascii Art

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Sexy Ascii is best of both worlds!

It is said that after Johannes Gutenberg printed up the first edition of the bible on his press, the second thing he printed was porn. Sexy Ascii can be considered sex on movable type. The next stage in the evolution of porn that began with Gutenberg. I have searched the Internets for you guys, and here is your compilation ofSexy Ascii art that will will drive any Bibliophiliac to put down their book and watch some television for a change. If you never met a Bibliophiliac before, then that is saying a lot. Like you or me giving up sex anytime in our lifetime!

After checking out the gallery, leave your own Ascii art ( doesn’t have to be Sexy Ascii ) in the comment section. You could even “like” it or follow me on Twitter if you want. Any comments will be responded to as soon as I can peel my eyes of the first Sexy Ascii example here! Enjoy guys!
Is it possible for a man to lust after the written word? As the saying goes “Here’s you sign.”

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