Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson – was it self-sabotage?

Everyone’s still talking about the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal. The Olympic opening ceremony was amazing, but it’s not quite enough to distract us…

A relationship expert has now speculated that Kristen could have cheated on Robert as means of sabotaging her relationship with him.

Dr Gilda Carle – who’s a relationship expert and psychotherapist who works with celebrity clients – has told E Online

"She doesn't belong in a committed relationship. She's 22 years old. She's been in a committed relationship for 4 years – much too young to making a commitment,” Dr Carle insists.  “She's a child. She did this very public thing with a director in order to be found out. It was self-sabotage."

Dr Carle thinks that there is also significance in K-Stew choosing to have a fling with married man – because being married Rupert Sanders wasn’t available for a proper relationship,

"It was important to her to know she was still attractive to other guys. But obviously Kristen isn't looking for a relationship right now, so she picks a guy who is married."

Of course, we’ll never really know what on earth possessed Kristen to do what she did.

kristen stewart and robert pattinson in happier times

In a recent interview with the June issue of Elle magazine, Kristen had said that she found her life boring and that she wanted something bad to happen,

“You can learn so much from bad things. I feel boring. I feel like, ‘Why is everything so easy for me?’ I can't wait for something crazy to f***ing happen to me. Just life.

“I want someone to f*** me over! Do you know what I mean?”

Who knew she’d be the one do that to herself? We’re sure Kristen doesn’t feel boring now.

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